Full Name: Brooklyn Vaugn
Tradition: Orphan
Group: Independent
Position: None
Player: Tink

Public Knowledge Edit

Brooklyn, or simply Brook to most in Seaton, is a mysterious little thing. Seen often helping the downtrodden of the violent and turbulent section of New Babylon, this seems to have gathered her a rather unique form of respect from its denizens. Even the murderous gangs of Seaton tend to not only leave her alone, but assist her ... if its not too costly to themselves that is.

She strays far from RFID checkpoints, suggesting she has some history with the Law Watchers and the governing bodies of New Babylon, or perhaps the Corporations that run the Law Watcher's themselves. Otherwise no place in Seaton, and most of New Babylon's less economically priveledged areas seem to be off limits to her. The Mall, Golden Mile, Smugglers Cove... all places one might catch a glimpse of the ever roving Brooklyn. She doesn't seem to have a 'home turf' actually, anywhere the city seems to suffer, or need assistance, you can find Brooklyn.

Her quirks are easy to spot, she talks to herself, or invisible entities only she can see and interact with, most chalk it up to such a young woman being alone on the mean streets of Seaton. Thats enough to send anyone a little sideways in the head. She's warry of strangers, unless they're a known person inside the street community itself, and if they are they'd surely have heard of her anyway. Though even if warry, she's always willing to assist anyone that obviously needs it, often times claiming the City itself prods her into action to do so. As if she didn't just have her finger on its pulse, but 'The City' could bend her ear and talk to her directly.

Among the mages she's near a non-existant quality. She actually shies from other Magi so far, and often calls them Name Breakers. Oddly enough she has little issue with the cities Vampiric community, nor the Shifter population. Not that either of those groups seem to know how to take her, or what to do with her when she's in their midsts.