The businesses capitol of New Babylon, and much of the Atlantic City Grid itself. Corporate HQ's, banks, finance, business of every make and model. The towering sprawl is amazing, grand, and having some of the richest real estate in the District. New Babylon City Council makes its home here. As does the main Law Enforcement regiments and the Corporations that control them.

However, the dominating factor are the MegaCorporations. This district houses all but five of the giant, global spanning Corporations that make up much of this new world. Controlling almost every facet of the modern world, if the Corporations move, the world moves with them. They control the economy, and are the guiding forces behind every political move made, with one exception... The Catholic Church.

The Sprawl is just that, a myriad of highways, byways, side streets, alleys. Gleaming and kept new, fresh. The upper Execs of each Corp that resides in New Babylon call this portion of the Megacity home. If New Babylon was the gleaming jewel of an Empire, the Sprawl would be its Rome.


Corporate Islands

The two islands sitting just off the coast are a high security area that can only be reached through Ferries or a Small air field operating out of North Shore. Each Corporate facility has its own security and protocols. There is no connection between them in the island, only from each corporate Port and the transport company they use. These installations act as the R&D for the Sprawl based mirrors of each Corporation. This is where the Corporations do their sensitive business, where the true deals go down. Its also where they station their own small security forces, that can mobilize at any given time.