A fetish club found in South Beach, slightly separated from the rest of the entertainment district within, and down a narrow and dimly lit alleyway. A simple sign upon the wall just within the alley and in view of the street reads "The Descent to Hades is the same from every place"

The entrance is a simple doorway, a bouncer stands outside and there is a single dimly red tinged light overhead, a red velvet rope sections off a line of entry way to have ID's checked and age requirements met. Once inside, Descent is a surprisingly luxurious and well furnished venue, with a bi level main floor that sports many couches, tables, a bar, and an elevated stage and dance floor area. Several cages hang suspended from the ceiling where girls, and some men, are often seen dancing in various states of dress. This main area sports several softcore adult attractions, strippers, couch dances, and stage shows.

The staff of Descent come in many appearances, though all are of an enticing quality. Dress is not optional, but the amount of it is usually on the skimpy side. All are professional, polite, helpful, and very attentive to the needs of the patrons. Though one need only inquire with a staff member about finding the rest of the allure of Descent. A brothel as well as an adult entertainment venue, the back of the club sports several private rooms where one can sate their thirst for the more carnal activities... at a price, of course.

The supernatural of New Babylon know this as a welcoming locale, though the masquerade and other forms of concealment are strictly enforced. There is no violence to be tolerated within its doors, and those that break these tenant are at best fiercely disciplined, at worst they are vanished entirely. Descent has a notorious reputation for its brutal enforcement policies, only outweighed by its intoxicating reputation to serve and pleasure each and every person that walks through said doors.

Descent is owned and maintained by a woman known simply as Stasya to the patrons, a seductive woman of Russian origin. She holds no ties to the Syndicate however, as they have no presence within its doors beyond patronage of the venue.