Full Name: Angel Gibson
Clan: Caitiff
Group: Independent
Position: None
Player: Tink

Public Knowledge Edit

Known only as Doll Baby, the mercurial woman haunts through Seaton and Sales, usually in the company of smaller gang members. She doesn't share origin stories, or deep feelings, she seems to live only by the seat of her pants and moves in fast forward towards where ever it is she's focused at the time.

Living such a life burns people out fast, so she'll vanish, move from one place to the next. She can be traced back in recent history to ACG South, where she ran numbers and did tattoo work for low level thugs and wise guys, sometimes arm candy, sometimes a gun hand. Before that it gets sketchy, she claims to have fled from the Freestate in southern california when the world went to shit, but no one left around can confirm this.

She doesn't hide her generation, she seems to wear her 'thin blood' status as a badge of honor, and throws it in people's faces as often as she can. She also doesn't seem to care alot about the abuse she gets for being among the fourteenth and fifteenth generations of kindred living in New Babylon, but revels in it.

The only other facts about Doll is her questionable sanity. Usually just living large and in your face, sometimes she gets a wild look in her eye, and then the shit really hits the fan. Known to be prone to random acts of violence, she's manipulative, doesn't care at all about the feelings of others on any level usually, and is annoyingly remorseless.