Full Name: Genevieve Ciccarelli
Clan: Lasombra
Group: Independent (Formerly Sabbat)
Position: None (Formerly Templar)
Player: Tink

Public KnowledgeEdit

Not alot is known of this sultry brunette, having made a name for herself long before New Babylon was even concieved as an idea. Since its construction, she's been spotted here and there inside its borders. Somewhat aloof and standoffish, she's not the most sociable person around, though if you can gain her respect, she becomes a much more engaging individual.

One of the few things that is known, is her former affiliation with the Sabbat. Since the sect tore itself apart, she's not mentioned it very often, though she never argues her former association. Her distaste for the Camarilla is still quie evident however, and she seems to enjoy tormenting the tattered remnants of the sect.

The other known fact, for those that know how to dig this information up, is her work as a Mercenary. Not without her defeats, but her victories are usually crushingly one sided affairs. In regards to the losses she has suffered, its easy to pinpoint the downfalls, the presence of more than one Merc. When working alone, she's unblemished, and survivors are never found. Specializing in wetworks, Gen (as she's often called) is surgical and relentless in acheiving her goals.