Full Name: Mickey Winston
Group: The Cage
Position: Trainer
Player: NPC

Public KnowledgeEdit

Mickey Winston is a former beat cop. A wage slave who became disillusioned with the ideal of peace and making a difference, raised a true Winston a long line of hunters since the End of Times.

Mickey at first rejected the calling that was demanded upon him from his father, Gage. With Corruption at ever turn what little good he was doing was adding to the problem. So he quit and joined his family business, a bar.

The Cage, a fighting arena for illegal and legal matches on the circuit. Located on the Golden Mile.

During his time as a cop he realized it was not just the vampires. It was everyone it was the influence of other kinds on this world and even humans that feed off it. The Cage is his legacy. Mickey uses those who seek him out for training as a way to make a difference. Hunting and dealing with those that feed off society. Be it supernatural or Human. Evil is evil in his eyes. Still not a religious man he sees the zealots of the Church as just as bad as the rest. Killing for the hell of it is not the way. Sometimes those he should be hunting help in the long run. This is the philosophy he teaches and expects from those that choose to hunt with him.