The North Shore Port is one of the largest along the Atlantic City Grid. Dedicated to transport, industry and water treatment. The NSPA (North Shore Port Authority) controls everything within the Port. It is the only legal access point into New Babylon via the Ocean. Its an important transit point for transport of bulk and other goods between the ACG and other parts of the world.

Over the years the Port has developed seaward by building new floating docks extending out like artificial islands. Its here that the New Babylon water treatment plant sits.

In land the District consists of cheap sea faring hostels, bars and the famous fish markets. Civilian building in the area soon flourished after the Port was opened.  An increasing range of businesses had taken hold in the area with four taverns being recorded 3 Brothels and 3 Hostels, the point had become a popular destination for sailors on leave from ships moored mixing which often clash with Port workers. This resulted in the area becoming notorious for its behavior. Organized crime is rife in the area, spreading corruption through the shipping routes of North Shore. Who controls the docks controls access into New Babylon, this fact is well known, and for that reason the amount of Watchers are heaviest in this District. New Babylonians believe that the biggest criminals are the NSPA, investigations have yet to tie in the Authority with any criminal organization however.

The layout of the district is cluttered and congested with a maze of shipping warehouses, layered street structures that span out to all points through the ACG North. The industrial complexes leave a haze over the District day and night, making it a dim and dark area to venture through.


Industry of Note:

Sazal – Chemical Transport and Refinery. The technology uses a  Slurry Phase Distillate Process (SPD process) to transform natural gas into energy and chemical products which are shipped through the ACG. It focuses on research and development on cleaner renewable energies, including synthetic fuels technologies, and produces different liquid fuels, chemicals and electricity.

North Shore Water Treatment Plant – Researching technologies of desalination and testing and combating water based pollutants. New Babylon city authorities budget  in the plants Anti Pollutant Team, making them an legal authority with in the district. The APT monitor chemical levels city wide not just in the Ocean.