Orphan AlleyEdit

Nestled right up along the border of Seaton, in Sales, is Orphan Alley. Named due to its notorious history of crime, violence, and murder... hence gaining its name for a place that makes orphans out of children. Not a long alleyway, and set in an L shape, the stretch of pavement boasts a few little shops, namely SAFE Electronics, and Sydney's Bar.  The two owners, Cobbs and Randall have been long friends for some time, and are regular faces within the alley

Mage Knowledge Edit

The truely curious thing about Orphan Alley is the presence of a Chantry. Thats right, the Alley is the Chantry. Between SAFE Electronics and Sydney's bar, underground, are two decent sized tunnels, both having a few panic rooms, some smallish lounge and bunk style rooms, and a portal... This portal leads to the Consortium's lowest floor of the four, the floor where Dawn has established a Mage presence and level.