Home of the blue collar wage slave, the every-man’s home. Sales is the up and coming area of New Babylon, close to everything and in the center of it all. The communities here flourish from trade all around New Babylon. Though the communities that are separated from Seton by the river have a higher crime rate there is a higher presence of law enforcement as well. Sales is a maze of back allies and markets, you can find anything here. It has a very rich mix of cultures form China Town to Little Italy and New Denmark. All smashed in to the giant sprawl that make up the District.

The megablocks reach towards the sky, and on the street level, streets and roads layer atop one another, making the District feel as deep as it is tall.


Places of Interest:

China Town – Tech center of New Babylon when it comes to retail and augmentations.

Little Italy – Place of the Italian Mafia and a rich diversity of church's and Religious charities.

New Denmark – European Community

Red Square – Mother Russia in all its glory.

Within Sales one can find several access tunnels to the Golden Mile. Among other locales, and if one knows how to find them, The Consortium and Orphan Alley can also be found tucked away within Sales massive expanse.