Lower Class Sprawl backing on the industrial parks of North Shore. Separate from the rest of New Babylon by the New Hudson River, the main trade route along the ACG. Seton is poverty stricken, consisting of Ghettos and low housing developments for factory workers and low income families. The crime and murder rate in Seaton is the highest in all of New Babylon by a substantial margin, the lowest show of Law Watchers and its in a serious state of disrepair. The residents cry out for help, claiming neglect from city officials. Gangs are rampant here, and turf war is a daily occurrence. In reality the gangs are killing this area themselves, running unchecked. Emergency Services have a low responce time and some areas are deemed lawless anarchy states. This is the place to come if you want to remain hidden.

For those that pay protection some business flourish, since the Corporations tend to turn a blind eye on the District itself.  It has a rich mix of culture which compounds gang violence against each community. Though for the standard citizen, direct gang violence is surprisingly low, its the stray bullets that are the true threat, in Seaton, even the gangs know their place in the grand pecking order that is New Babylon. Its a dog eat dog District, but the pack of wolves are quick to turn on anyone that isn't from Seaton itself, if given the chance.


Places of Note:

The Bazaar - a central hub in Seaton, where barter is the name of the game.

Murder Row - The heart of Seaton, hotly contested for by several of the local gangs

Seaton has several access points to the Golden Mile, but the biggest point of interest is The Red Mall, just beneath the surface of Seaton's street level, every access point to the Mall resides in Seaton