Full Name: Anastasiya Democheva
House: Lammisu
Group: Faustian
Position: None
Player: Tink

Public Knowledge Edit

Owner of Club Descent, Anastasiya is a woman of near unearthly allure. She is often seen within the confines of her club, watching over it from the balcony, or from a perch at the bar. A tease, since the patrons know she never engages with the business in the back, but instead allows whomever wishes to approach her as often as they like. A silver tongue, a body for sin, and a quick wit, Stasya is a desired woman in many circles. She regularly gets offers from Corporate Execs to buy her Club, and her along with it, but thus far she's made it clear she's not interested in selling. Regardless, the club sees more than its fair share of Corp corpses and Exec's alike.