The last remnants of one of the old great American Cities. All that is left is Skyscrapers raising form the depths of the ocean. Some still live here though to call it a city or district is mistaken. This is a dangerous place. Only Pirates, the lost and the damned live among the ghosts if the passed.

Old New York is several feet beneath sea level now, the tops of the massive buildings are seen rising out of the waters like skeletal fingers, reaching for the sky. Now the lawless, or those looking for easy riches, are the only souls found here. Several buildings have been converted into makeshift hideaways, giving refuge for those displaced from the Megacity looming on the horizon from this watery wasteland. The waters themselves too polluted to actually consider swimming a recreation, diving is hazardous at best, considering the structural damage to many of the massive buildings, some having toppled completely with the unrelenting tide pushing them.

Still, one can find riches here. In some cases, wealth was left behind, in other cases the trinkets of the past catch a handsome price from collectors. All one need to do is dare the depths... and whats hiding in them.