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The End Times have passed. The world is left scarred in the wake of the Antideluvians, the Wyrm, and the catastrophic battles between the Mage factions. A post Apocalyptic 20th anniversary World of Darkness game set in 2095.

Character Pages

The following links are for games included in Tenebris Raptis.

To make a Character Page go to Template and follow the prompts, if you are still having difficulty speak to an ST in channel.

Hu VTM Demon Mage WW
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Player Characters
Non Player Characters

Places of the City

The following are key locations where Role-play can happen within the setting and what is where.


External Links


WE ARE AN R18+ Game.

This Game is found on Channel #WoD_Tenebris_Raptis

The Following link is for a more in depth look out our setting. It contains everything from Timelines to Character Creation for each of the games we allow. Forum

We are a dice/sheeted game. Please see House Rules on our forums.

We use the following Sheets used for all characters. Click on cWoD then the appropriate sheet.

You can contact us via Submissions go to