Full Name: The Baroness
Group: Smuggler's Cove
Position: Priestess
Player: NPC

Public Knowledge Edit

Next to nothing is known of the woman, not even her true name or identity. The only thing that is for certain, seven months to the day after Smuggler's Cove was established, she set foot along its pathways and took up residents in the building at its lowest point before water took over the rest. Since then, she's been seen perhaps two dozen times, almost always without warning, and disappears just as mysteriously. Its rumored she's a ghost, a devil, a powerful psychic... no one knows for sure.

Since The Baroness took over however, not a single criminal entity has been able to hold Smuggler's Cove as their own turf. Gangs, Law, Yakuza, Syndicate... each one has met with bloody reprisals when they attempted to set their own authority. The Baroness was not only present for each conflict, but so where her... minions. These followers are described in various ways, crazed lunatics, shambling zombie hordes, ghoulishly painted religious fanatics... each person asked will describe them almost completely differently from the last to be questioned.

There are rumors you can ask The Baroness favor, if you can find her, delving deep into the passages in the Cove to the point just before the lost city below is flooded and inaccessible. If you find her in good humor, she can be spoken to, and there has to be some truth to the rumors... they are told by someone after all.