The Cage is a dark and seedy bar located on the Golden Mile just up past the Park. It is wildly known for its bloody fights and rough patrons. Anyone with skill or courage can enter the fights, though regular competitions and events are held with the more seasoned fighters in mind. This is not a place for the green to cut their teeth, this is blood sport at its most brutal. Many regulars say its not a decent night unless a med wagon is called at least three times, and to emphasize this fact, many of those privately owned med wagons are seen lurking around just waiting for a call.

Gage Winston (AKA Papa) is owner of the cage and has been for many years. He runs it with his family. Gage's daughter, Cara is in charge of the cage fights, and the cage trains its own fighters. Mickey, Papa's son, runs try outs and training sessions, since th process to make it there is grueling, usually it ends with a challenge to a man just known as Bale.

To those in the know The Cage is a regular haunt to Hunters, with Papa being their leader. Anything more and you will have to find out for yourself.