The Church is in the Underground known as the The Golden Mile. It is often referred to as one the big three. As there are three main establishments down there. The Temple, The Cage and the Church. It stands at the far end of the Mile. It is a nightclub transformed from an old Church that survived in this pocket of the past when the mega city was built over it. Frozen in time and used by the vampiric community, Church is an ever busy nightclub linked directly above ground via The Sales Library. It is dark, energetic and often volatile, and since it is always open, it caters to any who has the pull to use it.. Function rooms can be arranged for private meetings, however it has a reputation for being the least inhospitable places on the Mile. It is Masquerade enforced in the main hall.

Though it is all Elysium to the Vampires of New Babylon, it is the back rooms  where the real Elysium starts. Though a small area it consists of a lounge, meetings rooms, and audience chambers for the powers that be, and is invite only. The 'members' only area can be accessed via the side staff entrance or a door guarded to the left of the main bar in the club. The side door leads into a corridor which has four doors leading to small offices/meeting rooms, it opens into the lounge for Kindred.