The Consortium is a club deep in Sales, riding the top of one of the Megablock structures that dominate the skyline of New Babylon.  The establishment dominates the top four floors of the structure, the first three are restricted, unless invitation has been extended.  The top is an open area that caters to all tastes.  There's an expansive bar, music, dancing, a quieter section to sit and converse...

The most peculiar part of the Consortium is finding it.  There is no advertisement, no publicity, no marketing of the venue of which to speak.  If you find out about The Consortium, it seems to be on purpose, and for your ears and eyes alone.  As if by mystical means is knowledge gained about the location.  The oddities do not stop there however, upon arriving at the location, one rides an elevator to the 200th floor of a Megablock.  As the doors open, they are presented with a hulk of a man, Thale.  Thale wears dusty and dirty old clothes, easily over six and a half feet tall and one might guess pushing 300 lbs, he seems to always be wearing a hood over his head from a ratty old hoodie beneath some equally unkept duster stretched over his broad shoulders and back.  No one has ever heard him utter a word, nor make any sound what so ever, but for those that do not belong and have happened to track down the location of The Consortium, he is the Gate Keeper.  Those that are not invited, are bodily placed back into the elevator, which immediately begins to descend.  By the time the doors once more open, the passengers forget what they were doing... and will never find the doors to the venue again unless escorted personally.

Once past Thale and the door, one walks down a short corridor to double doors. A plaque resides on the wall beside these doors with the rules of the Consortium.

I. Leave your conflicts and violence at the door.

II. Respect those that tread here, and find respect the same.

III. The owners of this establishment decree the law, and respect this law.

IV. To those that do not respect this law, you will be forced to leave, never to return.