The Wall. Man Kind's great work to fight back nature and its terrible revenge. The wall spans the length of the ACG's border to the world beyond and to the west, standing as a grand protector. Miles and miles of concrete, steel, and ingenuity. It is truely a marvel of construction and technology.

The length of the constructed wall runs along the western border of the ACG North, beyond is the ruined world that was. Still one can see the crumbling buildings and desolate city scapes that once stood as proud cities and towns, now overrun by nature itself, reclaimed, recycled.

Most people inside this wall fear the world beyond, having heard many stories of the devastation that was wrought on the world of past years. Most people in New Babylon have never seen the Wilds that are, the miles and miles of regrown vegetation, the repopulation of animals. But there are still people residing in this new wilderness. Small villages have not only survived, but prospered, thrown back to centuries in the past, where the hunter and gatherer mentality are once more honed to a fine point, and people live free. Free from the choke hold of Corporations, Corruption.. free from toxins in the air, pollution, crime...

This is far from a utopia however, far from civilization. There are new dangers in the wilds...